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What Others Say

Thank you so much for this product. I can honestly say that it has changed my life and that of my grandson James.
Wayne Dean, Ontario, Canada

We apply it on the gum area of treatment to prevent a canker sore from developing later. Patients tell us it works.
Betty Flores, Office of Morel Fidler, DDS, Los Angeles, CA

Since I was a kid, I've had canker sores up to seven at a time. Your remedy really does work. Thank you so much.
Jan Briggs, Westland, MI

This is a great product! It always works, plus it works really fast. Five-ten minutes after applying it to a canker sore, the pain disappears. I highly recommend this.
Heather, Amherst, MA

My four year old daughter gets canker sores. The pain makes her cry a lot, especially when she tries to eat or drink, and sheʼs often cranky until it heals. A mom in our carpool recommended Canker Sores Begone and itʼs been a lifesaver. Instead of a 2 week ordeal, itʼs normally gone in a couple of days, and our daughter even likes the taste.
L. Williams, Woodland Hills, CA

I developed breast cancer shortly after my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. Chemo and radiation treatments were causing both of us painful mouth sores. We tried some recommendations from our oncologist but nothing was very helpful. One of the patients at the doctorʼs office told us she was happy with Canker Sores Begone. We found it at Whole Foods Market and it worked like nothing else. We were both very pleased how fast they healed.
Merle Sidman, Los Angeles, CA